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Import Existing MySQL Databases

  1. Backup your existing database:
mysqldump -u [uname] -p[pass] dbname > backupfile.sql


It is important that you only capture the database which contains your table structures and data. Importing the “mysql” database could cause issues if it overwrites the existing root user’s password!

  1. Create a dotCloud.yml file that provisions a new mysql database:
  type: mysql
  1. Login to mysql and create your database:
dotcloud run -A <application> db -- mysql

mysql> create database testdatabase;
mysql> exit;
  1. Load the data. You have a couple options:

Option 1: Load the data directly over the CLI (not recommended for large datasets)

$ dotcloud run -A importtest db -- mysql testdatabase < /path/to/data/backupfile.sql

Option 2: Scp a tarred version of the data to your db instance (better for large data sets). For more information on moving files around with the command line, see the copy guide.

# tar & compress your backup file
$ tar cvzf backupfile.sql.tar backupfile.sql

# transfer the file to your database application
$ base64 backupfile.sql.tar | dotcloud run -A <appname> db -- "base64 --decode > backupfile.sql.tar"

# ssh into your database service and untar the file
$ dotcloud run -A importtest db $ tar xvf backupfile.sql.tar

# load the database
$ mysql testdatabase < backupfile.sql