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Application Flavors

The primary “flavor” of dotCloud applications is called Live. This gives simple pricing based entirely on the RAM you reserve with dotcloud scale. You will need to enter your credit card information into your account before you can create a Live application. There is no separate fee for network or disk bandwidth, and 10G of disk storage is included for each 1G of RAM you reserve.

For some customers we also enable the Enterprise flavor which runs in a separate cluster and includes our highest level of monitoring. This is available upon request but may require extra fees.

Flavors all share the same work-flow but have different features and prices. You choose the flavor to use when you create an application and you can have as many applications with as many different flavors as you want, all on the same dotCloud account.

For example to create an application with the Live flavor, you can do:

dotcloud create -f live  myapplication

Likewise, to create an application with the Enterprise flavor, you can do do (if your account has been enable to run apps on this cluster):

dotcloud create -f enterprise mytestapplication

Once your application has been created you can push your code as usual with "dotcloud push".


You can’t change the flavor of an application once it has been pushed, so take the time to choose the right one!



The Live flavor is targeted at both development and production and is the preferred dotCloud flavor. It comes with all the platform features: Custom Domains (with SSL), Scaling and High Availability.

Applications with the Live flavor have guaranteed amounts of memory and run on a performance monitored cluster. Each service will have reasonable default memory limits, but since applications will be billed at a hourly rate, make sure you correctly set your memory limits!


The Enterprise flavor is similar to the Live flavor but comes with premium support and custom application level monitoring.

Signing up for an Enterprise account requires a review with our support and engineering team to make sure that your application will be highly available. Enterprise applications live on a dedicated cluster which is more conservative about new dotCloud features and which give us more control about the underlying hardware resources. Finally, pricing will be tailored to your needs and usage.

If you want more information about our Enterprise flavor, please contact us.

Flavors Features Comparison

Here is a table to quickly know if the feature you need is in a specific flavor:

Feature ↴, Flavor → Live Enterprise
Piggyback SSL
Scaling (dotcloud scale)
Custom Domains & SSL (dotcloud alias)
Custom Monitoring

Checking the Cost of your Application

You can use the dashboard to check how much an application costs with the Live or Enterprise flavors.