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CLI Command examples on this page are always provided without the --application (shorthand -A) argument, assuming you’re running these commands in a connected folder (at creation or using the dotcloud connect command). For more details on connected folders, see Migrating to the CLI 0.9.

The Play framework makes it easy to build web applications with Java and Scala. The framework’s focus is on developer productivity and RESTful architectures.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the deployment of the sample chat application that ships with the Play framework.

Create a compressed WAR file

First, download and unzip the latest version of the Play framework. You’ll also want to create a new directory somewhere for your dotCloud app, which will contain the compressed WAR file and your dotcloud.yml file. Change to the directory that contains Play and run:

cd samples-and-tests
../play war chat -o /YOUR_APP_DIR/chat.war --zip

Deploy the WAR file to dotCloud

Now, create a dotCloud app:

dotcloud create YOUR_APP_NAME

Change to the directory that contains your app and create a dotcloud.yml file with the following contents:

    type: java

“www” can be replaced by whichever name you prefer for this service within your app.

Finally, to push the WAR and dotcloud.yml files to dotCloud, run:

dotcloud push

That’s all it takes! Your app will build automatically, and you can find the URL of your new app in the output of the push command.