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Automatic reconnection


Most apps today keep a persistent connection to their database for better performance, but if you do not handle a disconnection properly then you expose you app to failure. To increase the availability of your app you should assume your database connection will eventually be closed.


There is no magic solution. The technique to reconnect depends on both the data store and the language/library combo you use. Some make it very easy, for example mongodb-native in nodejs automatically reconnects by default. Other stacks may require a bit more effort.


For example, if you are developing a Flask application with a MongoDB using pymongo, you will have to catch the pymongo.errors.AutoReconnect exception for every query and either pass or retry.


The easiest way to test if your application supports reconnecting is to restart the master of your data store cluster (if your service is call db, this could be db.0, go check on the dashboard overview tab):

dotcloud restart db.0


As restarting a container is not considered like a failure of the data store (it is a manual action) it will not trigger a failover on MySQL and Redis data stores.

As the master reboots, your application is likely going to through an error or it has hung. The application should retry to connect to the data store, though it will fail repeatedly until the db master has completed the restart. Eventually, though, if your application is capable of handling automatic reconnection then it should work normally. If it does not come back then your application is not handling disconnections properly.



An application that does not support automatic reconnection will not failover properly. Make sure that your application handle data store connection loss.

MySQL & Redis

When a misbehaving master is detected we perform a failover of the data store and then route the traffic to the new master. As this process go through all active connection will be lost.


MongoDB’s failover is happens differently. The Replica Set will it self detect the failure of the master and elect a new one. As this goes through clients will get disconnected and will need to reconnect.


For a proper MongoDB failover make sure to use *_MONGODB_URL rather than *_MONGODB_HOST, *_MONGODB_PORT, *_MONGODB_LOGIN and *_MONGODB_PASSWORD environment variables.