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New Relic Server Monitoring

New Relic Server Monitoring enables you to “watch critical system metrics such as CPU and memory usage, network activity, processes and disk utilization/capacity.”

You can add the New Relic Server Monitoring agent to any of your dotCloud services. Here is how.


You will need a New Relic license key.


Go to the New Relic download site, and download the most recent tarball.

Pick a Few Files

Uncompress the tarball in a temporary directory, and pick the following files:

  • nrsysmond.cfg (configuration file)
  • nrsysmond.x64 (executable)

Put them both in the approot of the service you want to monitor.


Edit the nrsysmond.cfg file to enter your license key.

Start the Daemon

To start the daemon automatically from a non-custom service (e.g. php, python, etc.), we will use a “supervisord.conf” file, placed in the approot of the service:

command=/home/dotcloud/current/nrsysmond.x64 -f


You can now push your app. The New Relic daemon file will be pushed with the configuration file, and automatically started.