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Persistent Data

You can store arbitrary persistent data on a stateless dotCloud service. Any service that runs application code is considered stateless by dotCloud. For example, Python, Ruby, NodeJS as well as the worker services are considered stateless.

dotCloud recognizes only one directory as persistent on a service, this directory is: ~/data/ [1]. If you want to store any kind of file on the local file system from your application, then ~/data/ is the directory to use. Any other directory is considered volatile and will not be persisted across pushes.

Moreover, there are two things you need to know when you use the ~/data/ directory:

  • The ~/data/ directory is not shared across your services nor your services instances. If you horizontally scale your application, then the content of the ~/data/ directory will not be replicated;
  • You will no longer have “zero-downtime pushes”, since the platform will have to stop your old services and move the ~/data/ directory before it can start the new version of your application.

That is why we don’t encourage the use of a ~/data/ directory and rely on a third party service to store anything (that could be a database running on dotCloud, a blob store like Amazon S3…).

[1]For most services this will translate to /home/dotcloud/data/.