We removed our free Sandbox April 25th.
You can read more on our blog.

Sandbox to Live

On April 25th, 2013, we will sunset our free Sandbox flavor and focus more on open-sourcing more of the dotCloud code to make containers and PaaS something that everyone can do. You can read more about it on our blog.

This document will help gather frequently asked questions and techniques for preserving your application.

You must first choose between:

  1. Go Live. You can either create a new Live application immediately and push your code there, or you can file a request to have the support team migrate your application to Live with no further work required by you.
  2. Download. Back up your application and data so that you can host elsewhere.
  3. Do nothing. Your Sandbox applications will be deleted on April 25th.

Go Live

You must have a credit card on file to push a Live application. You can add your credit card information in the billing section of the dotCloud dashboard.

Unlike Sandbox applications, you can (and usually must) dotcloud scale to reserve extra RAM for your services. If your Sandbox service has been running for more than 24 hours, you can ask the dotCloud Developer Support team to give you an estimate of the proper scaling.

If you don’t give your services enough RAM then they may not run at all, or they may be restarted repeatedly by kernel when they try to allocate too much memory.


If you choose to have the dotCloud Developer Team support upgrade your Sandbox application to a Live application, then you should:

  1. Create a ticket using the same email address as your dotCloud account. If you can’t do that you may be asked some additional questions to confirm your right to control the application and billing.
  2. Give the full URL for each application you want to upgrade.
  3. That’s it. We’ll do the rest, usually within 1-2 business days.


If your application doesn’t contain any databases, then the fastest way to go Live is to dotcloud create -f live myliveapp and push your code to the new application. Done.

In both cases, there is no real work for you to do, so upgrading to Live should be effortless.


If you don’t want to go Live and you’d like to preserve your application, you can download your code and data. You may not need to do this if you were already backing up your database and pushing your code – that would mean you already have a copy of everything.

But if you need to back up your database(s), we have some a handy script that will help. Once you’ve created your backup, you can transfer the file several different ways, including via scp. The technique is outlined in our Platform Guides and there is a nice little utility to help create the SSH configuration files.

Downloading code and data can be a lot of work. If you need more time, you should have the support team upgrade you to Live until you have all of your data.

Your Sandbox applications will become unreachable by HTTP on April 22, but the code and data will be accessible via ssh and scp until April 25th.

or Do Nothing

If your Sandbox application has no value for you, there is nothing for you to do. We’ll delete it on April 25th.